All handball lovers are eagerly awaiting the unmissable event of the world men’s handball championship which will take place from 13 to 31 January 2021 in Egypt. 32 teams are represented. Who will succeed Denmark, winner of the previous edition? The matches will be live on TV or, of course, on social networks. Have you already planned your strategy to cover this event? 

Yuzzit Pro helps broadcasters and rights holders to produce a content and broadcast their major events on social networks. January 2021 will be rich in competition and you can already read our article about the Dakar rally and the 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships. Now, let’s talk about handball that will be in the spotlight for a few weeks with the 2021 world men’s handball championship.

Short or long formats, everything is possible

Depending on your needs and the platforms on which you broadcast your content, you can choose between short and long formats. Whether you want to broadcast an entire match of the 2021 World Handball Championship on your social networks or just the key moments, the Yuzzit Pro tool is your best ally. Would you like to make a montage with the most beautiful goals of this major event and broadcast it on your social networks? The tool will allow you to easily create a mash-up.

World Handball Championship 2021: the matches

Handball at your image on your social networks

To make sure that your content is adapted to your graphic charter, use the video editor which allows you to add colour to a banner. You can also insert a caption or subtitles. In short, you have the possibility to fully customise the video you are going to publish on your social networks.

Edit your videos very easily and switch from horizontal to vertical and square format in just 1 click.

Lives from Facebook, Youtube or Twitter

Just imagine… one of your journalists is on spot to live the World Handball Championship competition and interviews a sportsman. He broadcasts this content on Twitter or Facebook. You can restream the live broadcast on your social networks or download the entire content in Yuzzit Pro and immediately clip it onto your different broadcast channels.

Capture key moments immediately

Like all finals of major sporting events, the 2021 World Handball Championship will be exciting. Get ready to make these moments come alive by clipping a stunning goal or a decisive pass. Then publish your content at lightning speed using our publishing tool.

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to be more productive in the creation of your content or to gain followers thanks to the unique customisation you can bring to your videos, then Yuzzit Pro is just what you need.

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