Cloud based platform to create and share online videos

It’s easy to use and it will dramatically speed up your video production workflows

YuzzitPro is accelerated by TF1 MediaLab at Station F

TF1 partners with YuzzitPro to co-construct the future product: “We will be working together fo the next 6 month, our aim is to build the simplest UX ever built in a video editing solution”, says Yoann Robert, Head of Social Department at TF1.

Intégration ordi

Make a bigger splash on social

Be first to publish the best moments from live events. Wow your followers with professionally designed videos with multiple editing options including overlays, rolls, sub titles and video formats for mobile viewing on social media (square and portrait).

TL ingest2

Ingest any digital content

  • Live video feeds (FB Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, RTMP, HLS)
  • Live audio feeds (Radio stations)
  • Video files
TL cut

Cut live clips and mashups

Easily and quickly !

  • Cut frame accurate video clips
  • Generate very short video clips or full length VODs
  • Create GIFs, with adjustable quality and weight
  • Grab snapshots
  • Generate audio files for your podcasts
  • Combine multiple clips to create a mashup

Customize your clips

For the best mobile viewing experience

  • Video format: landscape, square, portrait
  • Multi pre-rolls, post-rolls
  • Multilayers
  • Generate sub-titles with our multi-lingual speech to text

Multiplatform publishing

Share instant videos, GIFs, snaps or podcasts
  • Publish your clip to your favorite CMS, video or social platform including facebook, youtube, twitch, twitter, instagram, brightcove
  • Schedule your posts at a later time
  • Twitter Amplify
  • Geoblocking
  • Unpublish in 1 click

Process automation

Cut your clip and let the magic happen !

  • Apply preset editing templates to your clips
  • Share them to preset social platforms automatically
  • Ensure to be first to publish the best video clips

Multimedia Library

Video archiving

  • Centralize and archive all your content (video, image, GIF)
  • Import any external sources
  • Multi-data search
  • Manage all your publications in one place

Why YuzzitPro?

Reduce the production costs of videos, GIF and images

Boost and engage your audience in real-time

Develop new income sources

Simplify your workflows, increase user autonomy

Success stories

TV & OTT media

«In the past, it took 30 to 40 minutes to select a video and export it to Facebook. Now we only need 10 to 15 seconds »., says Peter Minkjan, social medial strategist for RTL Group.


«Speed is key for us. Our main concern is to publish images before all others, because, if we don’t, somebody else will and then we lose a huge share of our online audience ». Erwan Gervais, multimedia coordinator for the World Endurance Championship.


  • Cut & share the tournament replay, in real time on Twitch, Youtube, your website,…
  • Live to VOD edition
  • Ingest 60fps, 1080p
  • Live video clipping & instant publishing

Live events

“Our aim is to keep TV quality and adapt it for digital devices. We think YuzzitPro perfectly fits into this strategy”. (Guillaume Allais, Digital Sales Manager, AMP VISUAL TV)

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