Experience the easiest editor for social media

Edit and share your videos in less than a minute

  • YuzzitPro is a tool for creating and distributing content on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Periscope, Linkedin, Twitch, website, applications, CMS, FTP, etc.).
  • Create, edit, broadcast and monetize your content from any video rush, webinar or live stream. No software download required! 
  • YuzzitPro allows you to quickly produce charted content, adapted to social network standards, as well as customized content.
  • Industrialize the collaborative production of your videos for digital, social and OTT. 

Stream, clip and publish live from a web browser

  • Instantly post the highlights of your live events and webinars (such as webex, zoom, livestream…) in real time, without waiting for the end of the broadcast! Automation options can even select the clips for you! 
  • Combine the diffusion of your live events on the networks and the publication of the best moments to amplify your reach.
  • Broadcast your video clips, photos and gifs directly on all your social media, websites, applications and OTT platforms. 
  • Access the replay of your live clips to make best off or cut out new clips.

Customize and caption your videos 4 times faster

  • Automatically generate the subtitle tracks of your videos thanks to the “speech to text” function and divide by 4 the creation time of your subtitles compared to the market standards (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Illustrator…).
  • Correct your texts, synchronize your blocks and customize their display in record time thanks to YuzzitPro’s new and intuitive functions. 
  • Edit your videos with your brand, or sponsor them (pre-roll, post-roll, overlay, logo).
  • Crop quickly in different social formats (16/9, 1:1 or 9/16) and use our effects (zoom, blur…).
  • Automate all or part of the personalization and publication of your videos with the “workflow” function.

Post to all your social media with one click

  • YuzzitPro is natively interfaced with all platforms. Share your content simultaneously on your CMS, FTP and the main social media and VOD platforms.
  • Create your posts entirely from YuzzitPro (title, caption, hashtags…) and publish!
  • Schedule your publications in advance by setting the dates and times you want to share them.
  • Geographically target your distribution areas with geoblocking.
  • Transform your video content into audio (mp3 format) and publish it instantly. 
  • Easily unprogram and unpublish your posts directly from YuzzitPro.

Create your content in collaborative production mode

  • Gather all the players in content creation projects around a single platform 
  • No need to share your video clips via email or file transfer services.
  • Have total control of the platform by defining the rights and access of each member of your team according to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Have a content library to group all your productions and make your different teams collaborate. 
  • Collaborate wherever you are without compromising confidentiality and security.

Monetize your video content

  • Reduce your production costs and time thanks to optimized paths from rush to publication.
  • Increase the reach of your publications by quickly and easily producing charted content. 
  • Generate new audiences with engaging viewing experiences.
  • Connect, sponsor and promote your video clips. 
  • Broadcast your premium content in real time and drive qualified traffic.

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