Snappy TV will permanently end all activities on December 31st, 2019. For almost a decade, Snappy has been a good tool for publishing video on socials for free.  Bound to evolve in Twitter new approach of video broadcasting, the platform will be replaced by Live Cut in their Media Studio.

The shutdown of Snappy TV does not undermine their contribution to video on social media. Back to 2010, they established an innovative way to produce video content on socials. After its acquisition by the blue bird network in 2014, the service became entirely free. The platform froze while competition kept evolving to match the needs of video editors. Still, Snappy TV has allowed thousands of people and many a famous brand to publish video on Facebook and Twitter.

Live video remains a key area that Twitter wants to develop as it aims to foster its business growth. Video has been proven to drive more engagement from viewers, a metric Twitter wants to boost.

Merging video production with Twitter Amplify program within a single platform could entice creators to increase their production of videos. However this focus on live video comes at a cost as all the content produced will come exclusively from live video. It is not possible to cut extracts from uploaded content and live content is only available for a few days. Besides, this new tool is twitter centered, it will not be possible to repost cuts on other social media.

This approach may not fit every Snappy user, bound to look for an alternative. We found a small comparative table made to synthesize the intended use of Twitter Live Cute compared with Snappy TV capabilities, we felt obliged to add our own specificities in the mix !

Ingest live stream (RTMP, HLS)YesYesYes, + Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch,…
Upload mediaYesYesYes, unlimited video duration
Create video clips from live streamYesYesYes, from any source (live stream & uploaded videos
Customize videoNoNoYes (change format,add zoom, rools, layer, watermark)
Automatic customisation & publicationNoNoYes
Automatic subtitlingNoNoYes
Customize subtitlesNoNoYes
Monetize video clipsYesYesYes
Download clipsYesYesYes
Team permissions and rolesYesYesYes
Create GIFs and imagesYesYesYes
Export to custom CMSYesNoYes
Export to YouTube, FacebookYesNoYes + Twitch, Brightcove, Ooyala…
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