Tumblr, the blogging platform owned by Yahoo, launched a group video chat app called Cabana.

Tumblr says Cabana is a “digital couch” that brings together video chat and streaming content. Up to 6 friends can video chat together and stream and watch videos at the same time.

YuzzitPro Cabana app
Image: Tumblr

From the start, there is a lot of videos to choose from, since it comes with YouTube integration at launch. Cabana pulls friends’ details from both Tumblr and the contacts list.

The app was born out of Yahoo’s Polyvore Labs. Tumblr says it tested well among ages 13-18. “While Tumblr thrives on strangers coming together around shared obsessions, Cabana is designed around people you know”, Mashable commented.

For the moment, the app is only available in the United States and only for iOS devices. An app for Android devices should be released in May. But Tumblr did not say when Cabana will be available in other countries.

Not a new concept

“It’s far from a being a new concept”, Engadget wrote. “Google already did it with YouTube party mode for Hangouts and Uptime. A simple search for “watch videos together” will bring up a lengthy list of choices, as well — there’s even an in-app option for Apple’s iMessage.”

Cabana doesn’t mean Tumblr has plans to launch a bunch of consumer apps moving forward, David Karp, Tumblr’s founder and CEO said to Recode.

“We’ve not been inclined [in the past] to launch standalone apps,” Karp added. “This was definitely a new kind of direction and experiment for us, and we’re going into it with open minds.”

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