Replacement of SnappyTV by Livecut: the best YuzzitPro features use cases

Remplacement de SnappyTV par LiveCut

As we told you in our previous article, SnappyTV, which helped Twitter followers publish their content, has been shut down definitely on 31st December 2019. Its replacement has been made via LiveCut. This is an editing tool that is available in Twitter Media Studio and is aimed at professionals.

With LiveCut, you can broadcast your videos privately or monetise them or clip an RTMP stream. But these features may seem quite restricted if you edit content on a regular basis and are looking for a more powerful tool. In that case, take a look at what YuzzitPro can offer you.

How to best use YuzzitPro for a radio broadcast?

The replacement of SnappyTV by LiveCut has left many features aside and some of them are no longer available at all. If you are a radio content editor, here is how YuzzitPro can help you in your daily life.

Among the various features, you will find:

  • the possibility to cut up a live video stream in order to publish it on your social networks
  • the use of Quick Publish which allows you to publish your content on Twitter in the blink of an eye
  • the creation of audio contents that can be used to feed your website or podcasts

We are proud to work with Europe 1,major radio broadcaster in France, who use our YuzzitPro tool and trust its power to work on their videos and podcasts before publishing them on their various social networks.

The best features we have noticed among our clients that make TV broadcasting

When Twitter has decided to make the replacement of SnappyTV by LiveCut, it didn’t include all the features that greatly help content publishers to post on their various media.

With YuzzitPro, you can go further. Here is an overview of the features that can help you save time in your productivity:

  • take advantage of a cross-platform publishing to save a lot of time
  • add subtitles in automatic mode
  • create video clips and live gifs
  • produce content from your archives
  • edit your content: switch from square to 16/9 or 9/16, add templates to your image
  • restream your channel’s on-air feed to social networks during important news events

YuzzitPro, that’s all this and much more. You are convinced of the power of the tool and you would like to know what it can bring to your organisation ? Then don’t hesitate any longer, ask us for a free, non-binding demonstration. Our team will be happy to answer all the questions for your proper business.

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