The day after President Macron’s interview on French TV channels, we observed a large number of contents posted on social media networks. For some of them, we thought they were missing a tool like ours to help them make a quality instagram slideshow from snapshots taken from a live TV show.

Snapshot from live

YuzzitPro allows you to live clip a live TV, radio or livestream stream in real time. But for those who don’t have the right to broadcast these video contents, you can cover the event by creating gifs or snapshots. These images captured from a good resolution live stream will be of high quality. They will allow you to make an instagram slideshow to summarize a televised event. We have written an article on how to cover a political event and here we present you the backstage of a virtual sports event.

Easily capture a snapshot of the live

Add your graphic elements to the image

Once your image has been selected on the live feed, you can edit your snapshots, one after the other, and add your skin template and the text you want. In YuzzitPro it’s very simple (see our dedicated page), in a single interface you can get your png skin and then add your text wherever you want. That’s it, publish your instagram slideshow.

Easily add your text and skin

You can use Yuzzitpro at the event!

If you have a need that is limited in time, we can make you an offer on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Our sales team will give you the most suitable pricing. If you cover live events all year round, or if you need a simplified publishing solution for your digital content, we have an annual subscription offer that can be advantageous for you.

Do not hesitate to exchange with us, we adapt to your needs.

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