The year-end celebrations have never been so close. The year that is coming to an end has been a tough one for most of you. So, in order to bring a bit of sunshine into the hearts of your readers and subscribers, think about showing a special Christmas spirit in your publications and videos. If you don’t know what to put in place to stand out from your competitors, here are our best tips.

Match your graphic charter to Christmas colours

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to stand out from your competitors. Whether you manage an e-shop site or are very popular on a social network, remember to decorate your logo, banners and other publications with festive colours or to add special festive events for the holiday season. All it takes is a Father Christmas hat on the logo or a few snowflakes falling on your banner and your readers will immediately be immersed in the atmosphere.

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Publish your content very early before the holidays

Christmas is an eagerly awaited holiday, for young and old alike. And this year, probably even more so. Take advantage of this excitement and publish your content as early as possible. Whatever your field, for sure, you will find quality content to bring to your readers or subscribers. Whether you talk about ideas for the New Year’s Eve menu, decorating tips, or top tip on how to find THE gift that will please a loved one, your readers really love this kind of information.

And to make sure you don’t forget anything, plan a publication schedule. And why not a D- for the final count? At Yuzzit Pro, we give you a hand with publishing and scheduling your video posts. Added to a good content specially designed for Christmas, you are sure to hold your readers spellbound.

Get ready for the year-end celebrations on your social networks

Be sure that your readers will have emotion when reading your publications

If you want to make sure that your readers come to your site regularly, you need to create emotion. Publish content on topics about Christmas. Talk about gifts, gastronomy, cocooning by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, family gatherings, pleasure of being surrounded by the people you love. These are just a few ideas, but we promise you that they will bring strong emotions.

Propose special events for the holidays

There is no shortage of ideas and depending on your field of activity, you will inevitably find the one that will most appeal to your readers or subscribers. Between the wishlist, flash sales, limited-time promotional codes and competitions, there is something for everyone. Would you like to find out about our favourite winning operation? It’s the Advent calendar: one day, one gift.

Don’t forget your hashtags

Because a good publication is even more relevant if it is accompanied by hashtags allowing it to be transferred over and over again, here is a compilation of the best Christmas hashtags to use in your content:

#Christmas #holidays #itistheseason #decorations #ornament #socialsteeze #santa #santaclaus #love #xmas #red #green #christmastree #family #jolly #happyholidays #elves #lights #presents #gifts #gift #holiday #winter #instagood #carols #christmaseve #merrychristmas #christmas2020 #happyholidays #instachristmas #christmasmagic #christmasspirit #decembercomefast #wintertime #santa #santaclaus #xmasfairytale #thenorthpole #happy #firstchrismas #santaclause

Did you like our ideas? Do you have others? Let us know how you manage your social networks during the holiday season.

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