Since the lockdown linked to Covid 19, everyone knows ZOOM. For meetings, webinars or even aperitifs, the platform has experienced a huge success over the last few months. And this is probably not over yet. YuzzitPro can help you get the most out of this tool to help you make clip, restreams or subtitles.

Cut out your ZOOM live in various excerpts

How can you make the most of the richness of your ZOOM videoconferences? Our video editor YuzzitPro allows you to produce excerpts from your ZOOM to showcase the most important moments internally or externally. Our solution allows you to share videos with the creation of a public link, this way, you no longer need to transfer the file. Whether you want to share an important message with other members of your company, or use footage from your webinar on a dedicated platform, our tool will make your life easier.

A tool at the service of your sales team

Cutting your webinars into excerpts is the best way for your sales team to get the interest of your customers. Do your prospects have issues that the webinar addresses? How to generate discussion around a subject? Creating an additional point of contact with your prospects is now easy thanks to YuzzitPro. All you have to do is cut out the live webinar stream, then send a link hosting the video sequence by email; it can be viewed in your prospects’ browser.

Easily adapt your content to the uses of social networks

Publish your excerpts on social networks

If you wish to publish some of these extracts on your social networks in order to generate an audience for your site or your services, our editing functionalities allow you to adapt a 16:9 video format to social network formats (1:1 or 9/16). You can also add a graphic template with your promotional elements or automatically apply subtitles.

Restream: Broadcast your ZOOM Live simultaneously on many platforms

ZOOM allows you to broadcast your live on Facebook or Youtube. With YuzzitPro, sharing your stream is taken a step further. You can restream to a large number of platforms simultaneously in just a few clicks, without any technical knowledge.

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