As he marched to victory, Emmanuel Macron often benefited of good luck. But his campaign team also found the best tools to persuade voters. One of them was the YuzzitPro live video platform.

As soon as his new party En Marche (On The Move) held his first meeting on July 12, 2016,  short video clips were created from the live stream, using YuzzitPro. The key points of Emmanuel Macron’s very first speech could be seen online, almost in real time.

When the campaign started for good in September 2016, the digital team quickly adopted the tool. Using YuzzitPro, they were able to edit video clips of the candidate’s numerous speeches and interviews.

A record-breaking video during the first presidential debate

YuzzitPro is much easier to use than video editing softwares such as Avid or Final Cut Pro. And it also allows editors to immediately publish their clips on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others).  No more than 3 minutes elapse, between the moment an interesting sound bite is spotted in a live stream and its publication on Twitter or Facebook.

During the first presidential debate,  Marine Le Pen clashed with Mr Macron, when she claimed he was in favour of the burkini, the body-covering Islamic garment that has been the subject of controversy on French beaches.  “I don’t need a ventriloquist,” he shot back. His digital team quickly clipped a video. And it was the most popular tweet of the whole debate.

A huge impact on Macron’s image

The Macron team says the digital campaign alone was not that decisive to win the election. But it had a huge impact on the global image of the candidate. He appeared as a modern, highly-connected young man. A short video showed him scoring a goal in an improvised football play on a suburb playground : it had 35,000 retweets and had hundreds of thousands views.

But the team found out other uses of YuzzitPro. For instance, it was easy to retrieve an interview by a rival on a TV channel and check what he had said. YuzzitPro also proved a useful tool to review precisely how Mr Macron or his spokespersons had performed.

« Yuzzitpro is the startup we worked the most with to manage our social media accounts.  They have a very flexible tool, which allowed us to conduct the best possible video campaign », a senior official of En Marche summed up.