We are proud to tell you that Yuzzit Pro is a Microsoft Startups partner. Integrating this program dedicated to the development of startups will help us to set up an even more efficient service, and include functionalities allowing automatic video production.

About Microsoft Startups and Yuzzit Pro

This partnership between Yuzzit Pro and Microsoft Startups will help us reach new customers, with the help of a team of technical experts.

The best thing to do is to let the team speak about it:

Frédéric Bruel, CEO – YuzzitPro: “We are very pleased to integrate the Microsoft for Startups programme, which will enable us to accelerate one of our top priorities for 2021: automation. It is a huge privilege to be part of such an ecosystem, based on exchange and support, marketing, technical aspect and business”.

Christophe, CTO – YuzzitPro: “Access to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is a real asset for our project. Dedicated teams of technician experts and Microsoft tools are a precious help for our technical teams on a daily basis“.

Our goal: help you save time

The partnership we have created with Microsoft for Startups will enable us to offer you even more efficient services on various subjects related to automation.

We are going to push the automatic video production a little further into the console. Among the functionalities we plan to integrate, you will find:

  • automatic clipping that will help our sports partners thanks to Opta statistics,
  • automatic alerting which will enhance our media monitoring system,
  • the manual bookmark which will make derush process easier,
  • automatic cropping which will help to convert 16:9 videos into a format that is suitable for social networks.

This partnership should also help us improve our editing tool with the forthcoming arrival of our studio. But also our publishing tool

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