Many of our clients tell us that they have switched completely to Yuzzitpro instead of Premiere pro or Final cut, during containment. In a telecommuting configuration, an online video software is obviously easier to use at home. After seeing how to use Yuzzitpro during an event like the US elections, let’s see how to take advantage of a tool like ours in this new work environment.

YuzzitPro is a SaaS video software perfect for team collaboration

Are you mainly teleworking?  Are you looking for video software for your team? No need to equip each member of your team with a powerful and dedicated computer with all the maintenance concerns that this implies. All you need is an internet connection to maintain your productivity level. Saas solutions like YuzzitPro work on any workstation. Its power does not depend on your hardware, but on its cloud servers, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our simplified editing features are therefore available anywhere, anytime. With a permanent access to your media library. Setting up a collaborative work method thanks to Yuzzitpro is a good way to organize home office in the coming months/years. We can interface with other video editing software if it is useful to your workflow.

YuzzitPro: a video editing tool adapted to the teleworking environment

Agile functionalities within everyone’s reach

Our customers, who have been using YuzzitPro before containment, have therefore adapted, but they have also started to produce differently. Matching the feature list of existing video editing software on the market is not our ambition. Our wish is to gather the maximum of useful functionalities for the use of videos on social networks in order to simplify the production of these contents. Sometimes to achieve this, you just need to change your habits a little. And while we work every day to integrate new features, we love it when it’s our customers who push the limits of the software.

If you, too, would like to review your content production methods in this new teleworking context, with our video software, we are listening to you!

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