Viva Technology 2019 was a real blast: over 124,000 visitors spread on 3 days, which corresponds to a 24% increase in attendance in comparison with the 2018 edition. Such events are tremendous occasions to produce some top notch quality content to keep your marketing feeds well-fueled with brand new materials. We had the occasion to see several content produced on this medium, let’s have a quick overview of some videos produced during this year edition of the biggest European innovation fair.

The Main Stages

Among all the videos produced during Vivatech, the recorded version of keynotes on Stage One have a paramount significance. Even though they have not been published yet for the 2019 edition, they give a great track of the most important topics tackled during each edition. But organisers do not stop there: they keep updating the Vivatech Youtube account with content and interviews named Vivastories throughout the year, capitalizing on the previous editions while paving the way for the upcoming one.

Moreover, recordings of roundtables and keynotes are not limited to Stage One. CEO Stage, Startup Stage, there are various scenes for such talks and debates. Most notably this year, Stage X hosted live e-sports events with tournaments and live comments, as well as Robot Fights staged in the middle of the fair . Anyhow, there was a massive amount of content produced during these three days, you can even find some great stage focused full-day recorded versions ! Well, except for this year Day 3 which, surprisingly, is a 12 hours version of the 2019 teaser.

A TV set in the middle of the fair

One notably big stage was the TF1 MédiaLab space comprised of a next-gen green screen and mobile cameras able to recreate sceneries from the biggest French and European televised media, for instance the biggest daily news report, le 20H. The equipment as well as the set were really impressive with Real-time Virtual Light Connectors, a Virtual Camera Controller Unit and a Real-time Virtual Camera Switcher.

Multiple talks and debates were recorded and displayed during the event, and notably a speech by YuzzitPro CEO and Founder, Frédéric Bruel. The results seemed incredibely real, so much that most people came asking if the scenery of the JT was real or if it was generated everytime. It is indeed a real set, however the modelisation and generation of the set were mind-blowing. 

Smaller format, big impact

There were also multiple smaller stages throughout the fair dedicated to talks and presentations, notably “Le Garage” by Widoobiz. They recorded during the 3 days with multiple start-ups and interlocutors creating a great amount of content and traction with all the people stopping by to witness the debates. However, the recordings are not directly accessible on their youtube account, the content being published progressively through the year

There were also multiple media groups roaming around the fair to interview startupers, aiming to find the best pitch with short videos of a single interlocutor. From what we have seen and based on the reactions on social media, the French media Press Citron produced a certain amount of great pitch.

We also made a tiny mash-up of our experience at Viva Technology this year.

What about your experience, have you seen any interesting video content produced at Vivatech this year ? How about previous editions ? Let us know in the comments !