Our SaaS platform is today mostly used by  media companies. But its use can be much wider. French Founders webinar on eSport is the perfect example. They were able to create a replay and clips in record time as Benjamin BURLETT, Relationship Manager at French Founders testifies.

Create replay and clips from your webinar easily

For this webinar about the demystification of the esport world and the investment opportunities for brands, Benjamin BURLETT wanted to “create a replay soon after the event and thus easily share highlights on social networks”. The event, which was broadcasted live on Youtube could easily be recorded and clipped in YuzzitPro with our awesome editing functionalities. At the end of the event, “speakers and participants greatly appreciated how fast the replays and highlights were put on line” adds Benjamin BURLETT.

The French Founders webinar to replay

Replay, clips and more

You’ve got it, a Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Twitch livestream can easily be recorded and recorded in YuzzitPro, allowing you to produce replay and clips of your event very fast. But that’s not all. We also have a restream feature if you want to broadcast one of your lives on other platforms. Also from YuzzitPro, you can add a skin around your clips to contextualize your event on social networks, or easily add subtitles with our speech-to-text feature.

Edit your clips in YuzzitPro

A tool for your sales force

Cutting your webinars into excerpts is also the best way for your sales reps to engage their clients and prospects. Do your prospects have problems that the webinar is addressing? You want to generate discussions around a particular topic addressed at the webinar? Creating an additional point of contact with your prospects is now easy with YuzzitPro. Simply cut out the moment you want to share and send a link hosting the video sequence by email, readable from your prospects’ browser.

Use YuzzitPro at the event

As we explained in the article on how to make an instagram slideshow with snapshots from a TV stream, YuzzitPro can be used and paid at the event. If you need our service for a few hours, our sales team will find the right pricing for you.

Do you want to maximize the visibility of your webinar by creating replay and editorial excerpts? You’ve just found the right tool.

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