Easy to use video editor

Edit and resize

Trim videos, create mashups, insert pre and post-rolls from videos.

Crop and resize your final result into 16:9, square, vertical… Adapt your video format to the platform you are posting on!

Customize your videos

Create videos that are unique to you with your own logos, fonts, frames, layers and motion designs.

Workflow automation

Automate the customization of your videos by creating your own workflows and applying presets.

Video captioning

20 minutes! It’s the average time it takes to manually type captions of a one minute video.

This is why Yuzzit Pro has implemented an automatic multilingual speech-to-text solution allowing to generate both open and closed captions.


Store all your media assets in Yuzzit Pro library including generated and uploaded files.

Images, videos, audio, GIFs… everything is there!

Icing on the cake? You can access and feed it from your computer as well as you smartphone.