Yoann Robert, Social Media Manager at TF1, decrypts how easy it is to update a video format with YuzzitPro among his Community Management Team.

Video has became unavoidable on Social Networks, it is a powerful tool to promote contents from our listings. Usually, we use pictures of our broadcasts in order to drive reactions from our community on our major events, before or in between two broadcastings.

Each social network has its specificities, especially about video content. It is paramount to adapt each content to a single network requirements. For instance, the “Landscape” format is definitively not a good fit for Instagram posts: they are not practical and not impacting visually on smartphones, therefore you have to favour formats adapted to the verticality of mobile screens, like the square format and the portrait format for stories.

At TF1, Community Managers are accountable for one broadcasted program, they are first and foremost storytellers and social Networks Specialist, they have little to no expertise in the fields of video edition or Motion Design. Like any other video customization aspects such as captions and layer adders, the conversion of a video format to another used to be very time-consuming and heavy in our video content production process. A tool like YuzzitPro clearly eases this process and allows us to allocate our time more efficiently.

Within a few clicks, any Community Managers can cut rushes directly from TF1 Video Stream or upload his cuts, edit his video, especially its format, in order to adapt it to our graphic charter and multi-publish this content on several networks in one go. It allows us to clear the overload on our Production Unit and to focus on its core function: developing innovative formats aimed at different platforms, not only Social Networks.

Video from TFX