We have recently given you some tips for your marketing strategy for the festive season. 2020 is now over, welcome now 2021 and its 365 days during which you will have plenty of time to delight your followers with your contents. New trends are taking shape for publishing on your social networks and we will reveal the ones we think will have the most impact.

A whole range of trends on social networks in 2021

With the help of Talkwalker, the famous monitoring and analysis tool, we are going to enlighten you on what will be successful.

Starting with remixing. What is it? It’s a way of recreating formats or models in order to communicate your own ideas. This art form has become very popular, thanks to the rise of applications such as TikTok or Reels Instagram.

Talkwalker tells us that the content related to Covid-19 will have to refer to 4 key principles: community, contactless, cleanliness and compassion.

Nostalgia marketing will also be highly appreciated as it allows consumers to return to happier times. Publish contents that associate your brand with strong positive emotions and Bob’s your uncle!

The social network trend in 2021 also sees a leap forward in the use of memes, particularly among the 15/35 year old generation.

Conversational marketing will also have its place in 2021. This involves brands to interact with their consumers or followers via social networks and chatbots. In order to get all the chances on your side, forget the overly commercial speech and engage the conversation in a more human and authentic tone. That’s the best way to gain the trust of your followers.

The same goes for social gaming. Indeed, during the lockdown period, video game enthusiasts had a great time. Numerous forums have been created, allowing gamers to exchange on gaming techniques, on tips and tricks. The fact that they can no longer have physical contact with the outside world has enabled gamers to develop virtual relationships. It is expected that these gaming communities will develop more and more in 2021.

To conclude this collection of trends on social networks in 2021, Talkwalker ranked as number one the impact of socially responsible audiences. In order to stay in the game, companies will be interested in tackling topics dealing with mental health, social justice and inclusiveness. If not, they run the risk of becoming obsolete and forgotten.

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We hope that these trends on social networks will have helped you to establish your strategy for 2021.

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