The 15 second difference

«In the past, it took 30 to 40 minutes to select a video and export it to Facebook. Now we only need 10 to 15 seconds ». Peter Minkjan has a simple answer to why the powerful Dutch arm of RTL Group chose YuzzitPro.

« We have a homemade tool. It is still being used for our pre-recorded shows, because it comes with the proper tags and correct rights management », adds Minkjan, who is a social medial strategist for RTL Group. « But just for a live editing, we use YuzzitPro. For editing and publishing in real time : it is a great solution ».

Driving traffic back to the home platform

In the Netherlands, RTL Group has five TV channels but only two of them have live programs : RTL 4 and RTL 7.
RTL 4 is the most successful commercial channel. It has a family focus with news, drama, game and talent shows.
RTL 7 targets a men’s audience with action films and sport events, especially soccer (not to mention darts).
RTL Group’s main motivation to cut video content from its live feeds is to increase awareness and drive back people to its television channels and its RTLXL platform.

Hugely popular short videos

RTLXL provides a free 7-day catch-up and a premium offer for 4€ a month. «On a platform, people intend to watch certain shows », Peter Minkjan explains. « On Twitter or Facebook or any other newsfeed, you don’t have any real intent to see something specific. You browse to see a video clip or some pictures of your nephew. On our platform, people spend 30 or 40 minutes on average. They watch their favorite shows or series ».

The short videos –40 to 50 seconds long– are hugely popular and often get more than one million views (in a country of 17 million inhabitants). But before using YuzzitPro, cutting and publishing videos on the social networks was vastly time-consuming with the homemade software. And speed is important when it is all about showing highlights of a football match.

« We considered another tool but it was quite expensive and not so easy to publish right away », says Peter Minkjan.