NewsWhip, a company specialised in social media analytics, examined how Facebook shares on videos have changed in a year. And first of all they looked at the average video length.

A first study was conducted in September 2015. They analyzed five publishers’ top ten shared videos. And found that average video lengths varied from 24 seconds to 90 seconds.

They looked again in the first weeks of this year (from January 15th to February 15th). They took Daily Mail, Fox News, CNN, ABC News, AJ+, NowThis, BBC News, ATTN:, and Mic, which were some of the news publishers with the most video shares in January 2017. And they also added BuzzFeed and The New York Times.


It now appears that the most engaging videos are now a little bit longer than they were in 2015. Still the majority of those videos hovered just above a minute long on average,said Newswhip analyst Gabriele Boland.

Newswhip also found out that most of the publishers now captioned their videos. This is important since many viewers on mobile devices watch their videos without sound.

Also, many of the videos are in a square format. Again, for those watching on mobile, this makes for a better experience, as they don’t need to flip their phones, says Gabriele Boland.

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