Live video clipping and streaming

Cut frame accurate clips
from live streams

Ingest real-time video or audio streams (RTMP, HLS, YouTube, Periscope, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitch…)

and extract clips from anywhere through your web browser.



Ingest live streams



Cut, crop, add captions



Share on one or more platforms

Clipping process automation

Thanks to AI, data feeds and workflows, real time alerts trigger the automatic cutting of video clips when an action occurs during a live event. You can then customize and share it on the platforms of your choice.

Live stream 
to multiple platform

Yuzzit Pro helps you maximize your exposure by broadcasting your live video feeds across all streaming platforms simultaneously.

TV and radio media monitoring in real time and full hd

From the Yuzzit Pro console, access live and replay of all TV and radio shows in full HD from a simple browser.

Cut out extracts with automatic transcription.

Share them internally, simply with a URL, by email, slack, whatsapp etc… your interlocutor will be able to view the content on his browser.