No doubt, the US presidential election is the major event of the fall. The Trump vs. Biden battle will therefore overwhelm social networks. YuzzitPro is a feature-rich tool that helps editors who want to live clipping, resize, add template or subtitle from a live stream or video upload to easily and quickly edit video content for social networks and video platforms. So let’s see right away how we can help you to live clipping US election and more.

Your media monitoring in a single tool

You want to follow 24/7 US news channels, or media coverage in another country, don’t worry, we can provide you with a large number of TV and radio media. And to save you a few short nights, we keep 30 days of archives.

Upload Facebook live on YuzzitPro in one click

Live from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter…

Is Donald Trump starting a live video on Facebook? Or is one of your journalists in the field streaming an event on his Twitter account? Upload this content immediately and a few seconds later, you can edit this media for your different channels.

Stream your feed or livestreams

Whether it is your own stream feed or a livestream of a third party (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter…), in a few clicks you can stream this content on your platforms. This is an excellent way to give a stronger resonance to your content.

Live clipping and quick publish : Make your strongest content viral 

Live clipping the US presidential election with YuzzitPro is as easy as you used to do it with Snappy TV. You can also focus on short content and directly clip a livestream to quickly post it on your platforms. Our clipping tool works with a frame by frame cutting precision and our quick publishing tool allows you to add your text to the right platform.  A real time-saving solution.

Welcome to YuzzitPro

Resize, design and subtitle your content

If your content does not need to be published immediately, or if you want to select one highlight in your broadcast programs, YuzzitPro allows you to resize your video in vertical (16/9), horizontal (9/16) or square formats (1:1). You can also add a graphic design and subtitles in record time. Use the speech to text feature or generate an SRT file.

Produce long content…

If you want to have a compilation of the news of the day, our mashup tool allows you to easily edit your content using the clips you already cut and archived in your library. You can also add a pre-roll or a post-roll.

Gif exemple with YuzzitPro

…or a very short one like gif or memes…

American elections always leave room for humor with global buzz. Have fun with our editing tool and entertain your subscribers with simple gifs or images on which you can add text. Live clipping a highlight of these US election and be creative !

…or turn a sound into a video.

Almost, a last feature, which will undoubtedly seduce our friends from the radio. The YuzzitPro tool allows you to extract a sound track and immediately turn it into a video.

If you were looking for a tool to increase your productivity for this a major event or a sporting event such as 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual , you have found it

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