Creating content for social networks means constantly being able to re-invent what you are going to say. At Yuzzit Pro, we monitor platform trends on a daily basis to create a tool adapted to the needs of corporate content creators. This week, we give you some tips to help you multiply the sources of engaging social media contents

Which sources of engaging content for your social networks?

Two major trends can be identified. The first one is that platforms are full of embodied content. We already knew that, on social networks, we follow people, and when you are a brand, it is rather interesting to give personality to your speech. Video is therefore currently witnessing the emergence of formats embodied by people who benefit from a higher level of engagement.

The second major trend is linked to Covid 19 and is based on the remote working environment and therefore the emergence of video within the companies. This trend is likely to continue to develop in the years to come. As we will see it a bit later, this is an opportunity for you, as corporate content creators. 

BtoB (webinar..) / BtoC (event…) livestreams, a strong opportunity in contents

With Covid 19 and remote working becoming the standard, more people need to organise speeches and presentations through video and corporate events have become digital. All these live events, whether internal (ZOOM, Webex…) or external (Facebook, Youtube…) can be easily processed in Yuzzit Pro, in order to help you clip the most impactful moments. This way, you can easily make your messages come alive in the mouths of your experts.

Our tool also allows you to easily switch from a 16/9 format to a square or 9/16 format. In addition, our solution allows you to add your graphic charter, as well as subtitles. Our subtitle brick has enabled Europe 1 (national radio in France) to halve its subtitle production time.

In the after Covid period, your physical shootings will also be used in Yuzzit Pro. Our content library allows you to upload your videos. We can also connect to your servers to automatically retrieve images.

Crédit: Twitter Europe 1 Account

Speeches of executives in TV, radio and internet media

Another possibility of sourcing with our tool is the exploitation of your leaders’ speeches in TV, radio and internet media. If you hold the rights, it will be easy to find the footage of your manager in Yuzzit Pro. You can then select one or more moments and edit them.

You will also be able to edit the best moments, or extract only the sound to feed a podcast or make a sound video. You will also be able to take snapshots to make a photo carousel with text.

Shootings (internal / external (client case) / content employee advocacy)

Embodied videos are more impactful on platforms. Indeed, capturing images is a good way to get what you need. We have noted three possibilities: 

1 – Shooting images 

Mojo, also called “mobile journalism”, should inspire you in this work. Today, many field journalists are equipped with phones to make their reports. So, technology should no longer be an obstacle. Get started if you still haven’t tried!

2 – Web interview / testimonial 

You can also collect testimonials from employees or customers thanks to your webmeeting tools. As we explained in the first point, YuzzitPro helps you retrieve the feed and edit it. 

3 – Employee advocacy 

If you have an employee advocacy strategy in place in your company or if you want to develop it, we invite you to implement it while thinking about content, in order to obtain a new source for you. For example, this could be a Facebook live, or one of your employees speaking out about the meaning of a project sent to whatsapp. Stimulate your employees’ speech and perform simple curation and editing for your brand platform. 

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