Facebook published a new research report which highlights changing TV consumption behaviors.

“We surveyed over 2,000 people in the US and Canada to learn more about their specific habits around why and how they watch their favorite content”, Facebook said.

The social media giant wanted to know whether they prefer streaming content or traditional TV.

Availability is key

In fact, the shift is pretty definitive, Socialmediatoday commented. “While this behavior is more focused on platforms like Netflix than it is on social TV, specifically, the actual process itself is what’s definitive. Younger users are not as reliant on TV networks and programming to dictate their TV consumption, they’re more open to the control and access that streaming providers enable;”

YuzzitPro TV consumption

For streaming viewers, the availability of their favorite content is the most important factor when picking a provider.

TV viewers are more cost-conscious. It may seem strange since the average paid cable TV subscription is more costly than any single streaming service. But for TV viewers , the amount of content is a key element in their choice.

YuzzitPro TV consumption streamers TV viewers

Movies vs sports

Content is also different. “In the US and Canada, streaming viewers are more likely to prefer movies, comedies and documentaries”, Facebook said. TV viewers favor sports, talk shows and news programs.

“The media landscape is currently undergoing a transformation”, the report says. “But it’s clear that whether your audience is streaming or watching traditional TV—or mixing a bit of each—the conversation is happening on mobile.”

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