At least four big tech giants want to stream the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games next season, Recode reported.

Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Google’s YouTube have all submitted proposals to the National Football League.


YuzzitPro NFL's Thursday Night Football games


Last year, Twitter won the rights to stream 10 of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games with a $10 million bid. The other three big companies had also talked with the NFL.

The Motley Fool says the deal was immensely profitable for Twitter. The social network quickly sold all of its ad inventory for the games. Twitter had a goal of cashing in $50 million in ad revenue. And it probably got more.

The League is likely to make a decision within the next month, Recode wrote.

A couple hundred thousand viewers per game

Tech companies are now very much interested in live sports. Facebook and Twitter try to get their hands on virtually any live sports they can get. Amazon is also competing on this market.
Traditional TV rights for major sports leagues like the NFL, NBA and MLB are already locked up for years. They are also much more expensive. That is why the Thursday night streams excite the appetite of the tech giants.
However, Recode noted, Twitter didn’t report a meaningful spike in user growth as a result of last year’s games.

Twitter claims 3.5 million people watched each game on average. But the average audience at any given time was just a couple hundred thousand viewers per game. CBS, a TV broadcaster, had a much bigger audience for the Thursday Night Football games last season with an average of about 15 million viewers at any given time.

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