The unmissable sporting event at the beginning of each year is the Dakar Rally. Despite the health crisis we are all going through at the moment, the world’s biggest rally-raid is still going on, in compliance with safety regulations, of course. This year, the Dakar rally takes place mainly in Saudi Arabia. Big thrills and breathtaking scenery lovers, get ready for Sunday, January 3rd, 2021. On the programme for the 2021 edition is a 12-stage circuit, in the form of a loop, since the start and finish are in Jeddah. Enough to keep us in suspense on the social networks until January 15th, the last day of the competition.

The Dakar rally on social networks

The Dakar Rally is a much-anticipated event for fans of track and dune racing. This year, and for the second year in a row, Saudi Arabia will host the largest rally-raid on the planet. With its 12 stages, the rally promises to offer thrill-seekers some great moments. 

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Ready for the race?

Live clip the steps

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