Dakar Rally: a real-time follow-up of the race on social networks thanks to Yuzzit Pro

The unmissable sporting event at the beginning of each year is the Dakar Rally. Despite the health crisis we are all going through at the moment, the world’s biggest rally-raid is still going on, in compliance with safety regulations, of course. This year, the Dakar rally takes place mainly in Saudi Arabia. Big thrills and breathtaking scenery lovers, get ready for Sunday, January 3rd, 2021. On the programme for the 2021 edition is a 12-stage circuit, in the form of a loop, since the start and finish are in Jeddah. Enough to keep us in suspense on the social networks until January 15th, the last day of the competition.

The Dakar rally on social networks

The Dakar Rally is a much-anticipated event for fans of track and dune racing. This year, and for the second year in a row, Saudi Arabia will host the largest rally-raid on the planet. With its 12 stages, the rally promises to offer thrill-seekers some great moments. 

With Yuzzit Pro, if you are broadcasters or rights holders, share every moment of the Dakar rally with your audience on social networks. The tool is your control tower to feed your video platforms and social networks. Upload content, live broadcast feeds, or even a live broadcast on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook… In just a few clicks, produce content adapted to social network uses and share it just as quickly. Without a doubt, your account will be the place to be to follow the race.

Ready for the race?

Live clip the steps

Do you want to share the highlights of the Dakar Rally on your social networks such as the start and finish of the steps? Save time with our clipping tool which allows you to cut your video frame by frame. Thanks to our quick publishing tool, your content is on your platform before you even have time to catch your breath!

Enhance your videos to make them even more viral

Yuzzit Pro’s publishing tool helps you crop and subtitle your videos. Add your own personal touch by using your own graphic charter. Your video is in vertical format and you want it in horizontal format? No problem, the video editor does it for you. Do you want to add subtitles? Yes, that’s possible, too. And what’s more, it’s really quick and very easy.

Short or long, choose the length of the content you want to broadcast

Depending on your social networking strategy and your needs, our tools allow you to create long content or short formats. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to create the buzz and make your subscribers have fun. An impactful or funny photo, a well-chosen caption and Bob’s your uncle! And believe us, during this Dakar rally, you’re going to have some high-impact content.

The advantage of short formats is that they are easily and quickly transferable and therefore … viral.

If you prefer the long formats to broadcast the best moments of the day, with our mashup tool, making a montage with your cut-out images becomes child’s play. You can even add a preroll or a postreoll as you wish. 

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Get ready for the year-end celebrations on your social networks

The year-end celebrations have never been so close. The year that is coming to an end has been a tough one for most of you. So, in order to bring a bit of sunshine into the hearts of your readers and subscribers, think about showing a special Christmas spirit in your publications and videos. If you don’t know what to put in place to stand out from your competitors, here are our best tips.

Match your graphic charter to Christmas colours

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to stand out from your competitors. Whether you manage an e-shop site or are very popular on a social network, remember to decorate your logo, banners and other publications with festive colours or to add special festive events for the holiday season. All it takes is a Father Christmas hat on the logo or a few snowflakes falling on your banner and your readers will immediately be immersed in the atmosphere.

Are you short of ideas for customising your publications? With Yuzzit Pro, customising your content will be child’s play. Wanna bet?

Publish your content very early before the holidays

Christmas is an eagerly awaited holiday, for young and old alike. And this year, probably even more so. Take advantage of this excitement and publish your content as early as possible. Whatever your field, for sure, you will find quality content to bring to your readers or subscribers. Whether you talk about ideas for the New Year’s Eve menu, decorating tips, or top tip on how to find THE gift that will please a loved one, your readers really love this kind of information.

And to make sure you don’t forget anything, plan a publication schedule. And why not a D- for the final count? At Yuzzit Pro, we give you a hand with publishing and scheduling your video posts. Added to a good content specially designed for Christmas, you are sure to hold your readers spellbound.

Get ready for the year-end celebrations on your social networks

Be sure that your readers will have emotion when reading your publications

If you want to make sure that your readers come to your site regularly, you need to create emotion. Publish content on topics about Christmas. Talk about gifts, gastronomy, cocooning by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, family gatherings, pleasure of being surrounded by the people you love. These are just a few ideas, but we promise you that they will bring strong emotions.

Propose special events for the holidays

There is no shortage of ideas and depending on your field of activity, you will inevitably find the one that will most appeal to your readers or subscribers. Between the wishlist, flash sales, limited-time promotional codes and competitions, there is something for everyone. Would you like to find out about our favourite winning operation? It’s the Advent calendar: one day, one gift.

Don’t forget your hashtags

Because a good publication is even more relevant if it is accompanied by hashtags allowing it to be transferred over and over again, here is a compilation of the best Christmas hashtags to use in your content:

#Christmas #holidays #itistheseason #decorations #ornament #socialsteeze #santa #santaclaus #love #xmas #red #green #christmastree #family #jolly #happyholidays #elves #lights #presents #gifts #gift #holiday #winter #instagood #carols #christmaseve #merrychristmas #christmas2020 #happyholidays #instachristmas #christmasmagic #christmasspirit #decembercomefast #wintertime #santa #santaclaus #xmasfairytale #thenorthpole #happy #firstchrismas #santaclause

Did you like our ideas? Do you have others? Let us know how you manage your social networks during the holiday season.

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TV and radio media monitoring in real time and full hd

Many of our clients use the Media Monitoring module of Yuzzit Pro to review what is being said about them or their competitors on TV and radio. We will explain some of the use cases we have encountered.

TV and radio media monitoring for press relations and marketing teams

Many of our clients, whether they are companies, public administrations or political parties, use the Media Monitoring module of Yuzzit Pro in their internal, marketing or financial communication. From the Yuzzit Pro console, they can access live and replay of all French TV and radio broadcasts. It is thus possible to find a political interview, a report that talks about your brand, your industry or your competitors. You are then free to cut out clips and possibly even share them thanks to an automatically generated URL, without the need to download or use « wetranfer ».

Choose your programme and turn back the clock.

Real-time automatic alert service: be alerted in real time to what is being said about you or topics relevant to you.

We are working on automation functionalities in order to be able to alert our customers within a minute of detecting a keyword on a TV or radio channel. This alert contains a link to the video excerpt as well as its automatic transcription.Crisis communication, repercussions of a communication campaign, competitive intelligence: the fields of application are numerous for the press and communication departments of companies.

What about you ? Do you have a specific need that you would like to submit to us? We are at your disposal to develop customised functionalities

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ZOOM : Our usecases, clip, restream and subtitles

Since the lockdown linked to Covid 19, everyone knows ZOOM. For meetings, webinars or even aperitifs, the platform has experienced a huge success over the last few months. And this is probably not over yet. YuzzitPro can help you get the most out of this tool to help you make clip, restreams or subtitles.

Cut out your ZOOM live in various excerpts

How can you make the most of the richness of your ZOOM videoconferences? Our video editor YuzzitPro allows you to produce excerpts from your ZOOM to showcase the most important moments internally or externally. Our solution allows you to share videos with the creation of a public link, this way, you no longer need to transfer the file. Whether you want to share an important message with other members of your company, or use footage from your webinar on a dedicated platform, our tool will make your life easier.

A tool at the service of your sales team

Cutting your webinars into excerpts is the best way for your sales team to get the interest of your customers. Do your prospects have issues that the webinar addresses? How to generate discussion around a subject? Creating an additional point of contact with your prospects is now easy thanks to YuzzitPro. All you have to do is cut out the live webinar stream, then send a link hosting the video sequence by email; it can be viewed in your prospects’ browser.

Easily adapt your content to the uses of social networks

Publish your excerpts on social networks

If you wish to publish some of these extracts on your social networks in order to generate an audience for your site or your services, our editing functionalities allow you to adapt a 16:9 video format to social network formats (1:1 or 9/16). You can also add a graphic template with your promotional elements or automatically apply subtitles.

Restream: Broadcast your ZOOM Live simultaneously on many platforms

ZOOM allows you to broadcast your live on Facebook or Youtube. With YuzzitPro, sharing your stream is taken a step further. You can restream to a large number of platforms simultaneously in just a few clicks, without any technical knowledge.

Are you convinced? If you want to know more about our prices, we have given you some information in this article.

And if you still need assistance, we are at your disposal.

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Instagram slideshow: Making snapshots from a live show with YuzzitPro

The day after President Macron’s interview on French TV channels, we observed a large number of contents posted on social media networks. For some of them, we thought they were missing a tool like ours to help them make a quality instagram slideshow from snapshots taken from a live TV show.

Snapshot from live

YuzzitPro allows you to live clip a live TV, radio or livestream stream in real time. But for those who don’t have the right to broadcast these video contents, you can cover the event by creating gifs or snapshots. These images captured from a good resolution live stream will be of high quality. They will allow you to make an instagram slideshow to summarize a televised event. We have written an article on how to cover a political event and here we present you the backstage of a virtual sports event.

Easily capture a snapshot of the live

Add your graphic elements to the image

Once your image has been selected on the live feed, you can edit your snapshots, one after the other, and add your skin template and the text you want. In YuzzitPro it’s very simple (see our dedicated page), in a single interface you can get your png skin and then add your text wherever you want. That’s it, publish your instagram slideshow.

Easily add your text and skin

You can use Yuzzitpro at the event!

If you have a need that is limited in time, we can make you an offer on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Our sales team will give you the most suitable pricing. If you cover live events all year round, or if you need a simplified publishing solution for your digital content, we have an annual subscription offer that can be advantageous for you.

Do not hesitate to exchange with us, we adapt to your needs.

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Webinar: Creating a replay and clips easily – The French Founders Case Study

Our SaaS platform is today mostly used by  media companies. But its use can be much wider. French Founders webinar on eSport is the perfect example. They were able to create a replay and clips in record time as Benjamin BURLETT, Relationship Manager at French Founders testifies.

Create replay and clips from your webinar easily

For this webinar about the demystification of the esport world and the investment opportunities for brands, Benjamin BURLETT wanted to “create a replay soon after the event and thus easily share highlights on social networks”. The event, which was broadcasted live on Youtube could easily be recorded and clipped in YuzzitPro with our awesome editing functionalities. At the end of the event, “speakers and participants greatly appreciated how fast the replays and highlights were put on line” adds Benjamin BURLETT.

The French Founders webinar to replay

Replay, clips and more

You’ve got it, a Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Twitch livestream can easily be recorded and recorded in YuzzitPro, allowing you to produce replay and clips of your event very fast. But that’s not all. We also have a restream feature if you want to broadcast one of your lives on other platforms. Also from YuzzitPro, you can add a skin around your clips to contextualize your event on social networks, or easily add subtitles with our speech-to-text feature.

Edit your clips in YuzzitPro

A tool for your sales force

Cutting your webinars into excerpts is also the best way for your sales reps to engage their clients and prospects. Do your prospects have problems that the webinar is addressing? You want to generate discussions around a particular topic addressed at the webinar? Creating an additional point of contact with your prospects is now easy with YuzzitPro. Simply cut out the moment you want to share and send a link hosting the video sequence by email, readable from your prospects’ browser.

Use YuzzitPro at the event

As we explained in the article on how to make an instagram slideshow with snapshots from a TV stream, YuzzitPro can be used and paid at the event. If you need our service for a few hours, our sales team will find the right pricing for you.

Do you want to maximize the visibility of your webinar by creating replay and editorial excerpts? You’ve just found the right tool.

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Work-from-home : YuzzitPro video software easy to use at home

Many of our clients tell us that they have switched completely to Yuzzitpro instead of Premiere pro or Final cut, during containment. In a telecommuting configuration, an online video software is obviously easier to use at home. After seeing how to use Yuzzitpro during an event like the US elections, let’s see how to take advantage of a tool like ours in this new work environment.

YuzzitPro is a SaaS video software perfect for team collaboration

Are you mainly teleworking?  Are you looking for video software for your team? No need to equip each member of your team with a powerful and dedicated computer with all the maintenance concerns that this implies. All you need is an internet connection to maintain your productivity level. Saas solutions like YuzzitPro work on any workstation. Its power does not depend on your hardware, but on its cloud servers, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our simplified editing features are therefore available anywhere, anytime. With a permanent access to your media library. Setting up a collaborative work method thanks to Yuzzitpro is a good way to organize home office in the coming months/years. We can interface with other video editing software if it is useful to your workflow.

YuzzitPro: a video editing tool adapted to the teleworking environment

Agile functionalities within everyone’s reach

Our customers, who have been using YuzzitPro before containment, have therefore adapted, but they have also started to produce differently. Matching the feature list of existing video editing software on the market is not our ambition. Our wish is to gather the maximum of useful functionalities for the use of videos on social networks in order to simplify the production of these contents. Sometimes to achieve this, you just need to change your habits a little. And while we work every day to integrate new features, we love it when it’s our customers who push the limits of the software.

If you, too, would like to review your content production methods in this new teleworking context, with our video software, we are listening to you!

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Live clipping with YuzzitPro: the best way to take advantage of the US election live shows and produce high quality content

No doubt, the US presidential election is the major event of the fall. The Trump vs. Biden battle will therefore overwhelm social networks. YuzzitPro is a feature-rich tool that helps editors who want to live clipping, resize, add template or subtitle from a live stream or video upload to easily and quickly edit video content for social networks and video platforms. So let’s see right away how we can help you to live clipping US election and more.

Your media monitoring in a single tool

You want to follow 24/7 US news channels, or media coverage in another country, don’t worry, we can provide you with a large number of TV and radio media. And to save you a few short nights, we keep 30 days of archives.

Upload Facebook live on YuzzitPro in one click

Live from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter…

Is Donald Trump starting a live video on Facebook? Or is one of your journalists in the field streaming an event on his Twitter account? Upload this content immediately and a few seconds later, you can edit this media for your different channels.

Stream your feed or livestreams

Whether it is your own stream feed or a livestream of a third party (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter…), in a few clicks you can stream this content on your platforms. This is an excellent way to give a stronger resonance to your content.

Live clipping and quick publish : Make your strongest content viral 

Live clipping the US presidential election with YuzzitPro is as easy as you used to do it with Snappy TV. You can also focus on short content and directly clip a livestream to quickly post it on your platforms. Our clipping tool works with a frame by frame cutting precision and our quick publishing tool allows you to add your text to the right platform.  A real time-saving solution.

Welcome to YuzzitPro

Resize, design and subtitle your content

If your content does not need to be published immediately, or if you want to select one highlight in your broadcast programs, YuzzitPro allows you to resize your video in vertical (16/9), horizontal (9/16) or square formats (1:1). You can also add a graphic design and subtitles in record time. Use the speech to text feature or generate an SRT file.

Produce long content…

If you want to have a compilation of the news of the day, our mashup tool allows you to easily edit your content using the clips you already cut and archived in your library. You can also add a pre-roll or a post-roll.

Gif exemple with YuzzitPro

…or a very short one like gif or memes…

American elections always leave room for humor with global buzz. Have fun with our editing tool and entertain your subscribers with simple gifs or images on which you can add text. Live clipping a highlight of these US election and be creative !

…or turn a sound into a video.

Almost, a last feature, which will undoubtedly seduce our friends from the radio. The YuzzitPro tool allows you to extract a sound track and immediately turn it into a video.

If you were looking for a tool to increase your productivity for this a major event or a sporting event such as 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual , you have found it

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Replacement of SnappyTV by Livecut: the best YuzzitPro features use cases

As we told you in our previous article, SnappyTV, which helped Twitter followers publish their content, has been shut down definitely on 31st December 2019. Its replacement has been made via LiveCut. This is an editing tool that is available in Twitter Media Studio and is aimed at professionals.

With LiveCut, you can broadcast your videos privately or monetise them or clip an RTMP stream. But these features may seem quite restricted if you edit content on a regular basis and are looking for a more powerful tool. In that case, take a look at what YuzzitPro can offer you.

How to best use YuzzitPro for a radio broadcast?

The replacement of SnappyTV by LiveCut has left many features aside and some of them are no longer available at all. If you are a radio content editor, here is how YuzzitPro can help you in your daily life.

Among the various features, you will find:

  • the possibility to cut up a live video stream in order to publish it on your social networks
  • the use of Quick Publish which allows you to publish your content on Twitter in the blink of an eye
  • the creation of audio contents that can be used to feed your website or podcasts

We are proud to work with Europe 1,major radio broadcaster in France, who use our YuzzitPro tool and trust its power to work on their videos and podcasts before publishing them on their various social networks.

The best features we have noticed among our clients that make TV broadcasting

When Twitter has decided to make the replacement of SnappyTV by LiveCut, it didn’t include all the features that greatly help content publishers to post on their various media.

With YuzzitPro, you can go further. Here is an overview of the features that can help you save time in your productivity:

  • take advantage of a cross-platform publishing to save a lot of time
  • add subtitles in automatic mode
  • create video clips and live gifs
  • produce content from your archives
  • edit your content: switch from square to 16/9 or 9/16, add templates to your image
  • restream your channel’s on-air feed to social networks during important news events

YuzzitPro, that’s all this and much more. You are convinced of the power of the tool and you would like to know what it can bring to your organisation ? Then don’t hesitate any longer, ask us for a free, non-binding demonstration. Our team will be happy to answer all the questions for your proper business.

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Behind the scenes: How YuzzitPro helped the first 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual to achieve success

“The best e-Sports race I’ve ever seen”. Former F1 driver and double World Champion Fernando Alonso was not stingy with compliments, after the first ever virtual edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

For the first time since 1968, the almost 100-year-old sports car race could not be held in June, because of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The event had to be postponed to September.

The global disease was an opportunity for many to test new ideas. The FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) decided to connect the old world of motorsports with the new world of esports. On June 13 and 14, the virtual race, run on the rFactor2 platform, brought together the world’s best professional drivers with sim racing’s own elite: Red Bull F1 driver Max Verstappen or McLaren’s Lando Norris, as well as esports racers such as Nikodem Wisniewski and Kuba Brzezinski. In total, 200 drivers from 37 different countries.

TV viewers around the world could watch the event on mainstream channels (Eurosport, ESPN, Sky Sports and J-Sports). But many fans followed the race on the social networks. Organisers (WEC, ACO and Motorsport Games) said that they registered 48,919,403 impressions for the race week from their accounts alone. «Figures far beyond all previous championship records», said the WEC.

And they did not take into account the audience generated by the teams, partners and sponsors of the event. The FIA-WEC had asked YuzzitPro to allow all the teams to use its very efficient tool to cut live video excerpts from the race and publish them very quickly on social networks.

«We are used to working every weekend on esports events, using high quality video streams (1080P/60fps) up to 40 simultaneously for the most important ones. But this was the first time we had to coordinate so many teams and users (nearly 120) spread over different continents», said Laurent Fabre, YuzzitPro Strategic Accounts Manager.

More than 1,000 videos were generated during the race as well as hundreds of images captured from the video streams. 70% of the videos were less than one minute long, a perfect format for social networks.

«Social networks allow fans to see the highlights of the race in real time without having to follow the entire 24 hours», said Erwann Gervais, WEC multimedia coordinator.

According to WEC, the most successful videos were the ones with surprising content. F1 driver Charles Leclerc enjoying a yoghurt at 300 km/h in the iconic Mulsanne (or Hunaudières) Straight for instance.

Each team was given a YuzzitPro account.  The WEC created a pre-roll which had to be run by all users. To spread the load, the teams were distributed on 3 different servers (one more was ready for backup). Producing simultaneous content on such high quality streams requires a large processing and storage capacity. 

Before the race, community managers were trained during a short 20-minute webinar, so simple is the use of YuzzitPro.

«YuzzitPro has taken up a challenge that had not been planned long in advance. In just two weeks, a whole technical team worked to deliver a product fit for a very specific request. We really appreciate this flexibility », said WEC Julien Jenvrin Social Media Coordinator.

After 24 hours, the Virtual Le Mans was won by Rebellion Williams Esports, a partnership of the Williams F1 esports programme and World Endurance Championship (WEC) regulars Rebellion Racing. A winner of the last two real editions of Le Mans, Fernando Alonso, who ran out of virtual fuel during the race, finished 17th.