TF1 Yuzz Case : changing effortlessly video formats allows community managers to gain in effectiveness

Yoann Robert, Social Media Manager at TF1, decrypts how easy it is to update a video format with YuzzitPro among his Community Management Team.

Video has became unavoidable on Social Networks, it is a powerful tool to promote contents from our listings. Usually, we use pictures of our broadcasts in order to drive reactions from our community on our major events, before or in between two broadcastings.

Each social network has its specificities, especially about video content. It is paramount to adapt each content to a single network requirements. For instance, the “Landscape” format is definitively not a good fit for Instagram posts: they are not practical and not impacting visually on smartphones, therefore you have to favour formats adapted to the verticality of mobile screens, like the square format and the portrait format for stories.

At TF1, Community Managers are accountable for one broadcasted program, they are first and foremost storytellers and social Networks Specialist, they have little to no expertise in the fields of video edition or Motion Design. Like any other video customization aspects such as captions and layer adders, the conversion of a video format to another used to be very time-consuming and heavy in our video content production process. A tool like YuzzitPro clearly eases this process and allows us to allocate our time more efficiently.

Within a few clicks, any Community Managers can cut rushes directly from TF1 Video Stream or upload his cuts, edit his video, especially its format, in order to adapt it to our graphic charter and multi-publish this content on several networks in one go. It allows us to clear the overload on our Production Unit and to focus on its core function: developing innovative formats aimed at different platforms, not only Social Networks.

Video from TFX


SnappyTV & LiveCut alternative: comparison with YuzzitPro 

If you are an ardent user of Twitter to publish your content, you probably know that SnappyTV, which provided media publishing support, has definitely ceased to exist on December 31, 2019. In order not to leave its users empty-handed, Twitter has migrated some features into an alternative: LiveCut, the live editing tool included in Twitter Media Studio, the content management platform dedicated to professionals. If you think that this alternative is too limited for you, we offer a comparison with YuzzitPro’s features. 

What can be done with LiveCut, the SnappyTV alternative?

It’s tempting to try and compare SnappyTV and its alternative LiveCut now present in the Twitter media studio. Just as it was possible to do with SnappyTV, content publishers will be able to clip an RTMP stream with LiveCut. It is also possible to monetise them with Twitter Amplify. LiveCut’s features also include private video broadcasting and sharing within a team.

However, what is no longer possible with LiveCut is the ability to publish content directly to other social networks, such as Facebook. The solution is to extract the video and then republish it on the other desired networks.

SnappyTV & LiveCut alternative: comparison with YuzzitPro 

You are a demanding editor? Go further with YuzzitPro.

With the tools provided by YuzzitPro, you have access to many features that will allow you to gain significant productivity. The tool is very user-friendly and offers you real advantages as well as a nice alternative to LiveCut and SnappyTV. Just take a look:

  • broadcast your content on more sources, such as Youtube livestream, Facebook, Zoom…
  • have access to more formats: Gif, audio for your podcasts (example here), Snapshot (which allows you to make editorialised Instagram slideshows, among other things)
  • benefit from more automation in your sometimes time-consuming tasks: for example, you can add subtitles, do auto-clipping
  • take advantage of more means of distribution: restream/multistream, multipublishing, quick publish

Here is a small overview of the features offered by YuzzitPro. It is a great alternative to LiveCut:

SnappyTVLiveCut Media StudioYuzzitPro
Creation of clips from any video stream (push/pull)Ending 31/12/2019Push RTMP onlyPush/pull RTMP/HLS
Creation of clips from a live Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Zoom,…Ending 31/12/2019noyes
Creating clips and podcasts from an audio streamEnding 31/12/2019noyes
Live broadcasting simultaneously on different social networksEnding 31/12/2019Only Twitter and only on 1 pageyes
Automatic video trimmingEnding 31/12/2019noyes
Generate Gif, Podcast, Snapshot Ending 31/12/2019noyes
Publication of multiplatform content (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Dailymotion, Brightcove,…)Ending 31/12/2019Only Twitteryes
Quick Publish TwitterEnding 31/12/2019noyes
Editing (resize, layers, texts and logos…)Ending 31/12/2019noyes
Automatic subtitlesEnding 31/12/2019noyes
MonetisationEnding 31/12/2019Only Amplifyyes
Library (management of generated or imported media)Ending 31/12/2019yesyes
Simplified assemblyEnding 31/12/2019noyes
Simultaneous management of several Twitter accountsEnding 31/12/2019noyes
ArchivesEnding 31/12/2019yesyes

You are eager to know more about YuzzitPro? Contact us for a free demo, with no commitment. A member of our team will be happy to show you how our tool can help you save time.

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How to multiply the sources of engaging content when you are in charge of social networks in a large group? 

Creating content for social networks means constantly being able to re-invent what you are going to say. At Yuzzit Pro, we monitor platform trends on a daily basis to create a tool adapted to the needs of corporate content creators. This week, we give you some tips to help you multiply the sources of engaging social media contents

Which sources of engaging content for your social networks?

Two major trends can be identified. The first one is that platforms are full of embodied content. We already knew that, on social networks, we follow people, and when you are a brand, it is rather interesting to give personality to your speech. Video is therefore currently witnessing the emergence of formats embodied by people who benefit from a higher level of engagement.

The second major trend is linked to Covid 19 and is based on the remote working environment and therefore the emergence of video within the companies. This trend is likely to continue to develop in the years to come. As we will see it a bit later, this is an opportunity for you, as corporate content creators. 

BtoB (webinar..) / BtoC (event…) livestreams, a strong opportunity in contents

With Covid 19 and remote working becoming the standard, more people need to organise speeches and presentations through video and corporate events have become digital. All these live events, whether internal (ZOOM, Webex…) or external (Facebook, Youtube…) can be easily processed in Yuzzit Pro, in order to help you clip the most impactful moments. This way, you can easily make your messages come alive in the mouths of your experts.

Our tool also allows you to easily switch from a 16/9 format to a square or 9/16 format. In addition, our solution allows you to add your graphic charter, as well as subtitles. Our subtitle brick has enabled Europe 1 (national radio in France) to halve its subtitle production time.

In the after Covid period, your physical shootings will also be used in Yuzzit Pro. Our content library allows you to upload your videos. We can also connect to your servers to automatically retrieve images.

Crédit: Twitter Europe 1 Account

Speeches of executives in TV, radio and internet media

Another possibility of sourcing with our tool is the exploitation of your leaders’ speeches in TV, radio and internet media. If you hold the rights, it will be easy to find the footage of your manager in Yuzzit Pro. You can then select one or more moments and edit them.

You will also be able to edit the best moments, or extract only the sound to feed a podcast or make a sound video. You will also be able to take snapshots to make a photo carousel with text.

Shootings (internal / external (client case) / content employee advocacy)

Embodied videos are more impactful on platforms. Indeed, capturing images is a good way to get what you need. We have noted three possibilities: 

1 – Shooting images 

Mojo, also called “mobile journalism”, should inspire you in this work. Today, many field journalists are equipped with phones to make their reports. So, technology should no longer be an obstacle. Get started if you still haven’t tried!

2 – Web interview / testimonial 

You can also collect testimonials from employees or customers thanks to your webmeeting tools. As we explained in the first point, YuzzitPro helps you retrieve the feed and edit it. 

3 – Employee advocacy 

If you have an employee advocacy strategy in place in your company or if you want to develop it, we invite you to implement it while thinking about content, in order to obtain a new source for you. For example, this could be a Facebook live, or one of your employees speaking out about the meaning of a project sent to whatsapp. Stimulate your employees’ speech and perform simple curation and editing for your brand platform. 

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How does Europe 1 use Yuzzit Pro to feed its social networks and website with videos and podcasts?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know the tools offered by Yuzzit Pro and how they can help you improve the visibility of your contents. So, how does Europe 1, major radio broadcaster in France, produce videos and podcasts to feed its website or social networks? This week, we wanted to share their feedback with you.

A comprehensive use of the tools for optimal efficiency

Europe 1 is one of our clients who have the most comprehensive use of Yuzzit Pro. They use the platform to produce part of their podcasts and videos. Indeed, our live clipping tool allows the social network teams to be very reactive when they need to cut and publish broadcast moments on Twitter. As for the web teams, the tool allows them to provide videos or audio with high impact for web consumption.

Benoist Pasteau, Assistant Editor of Europe 1, explains how his team uses Yuzzit Pro: “We also use Yuzzit Pro to cut all our audio excerpts for our podcasts. The platform is very easy to handle and can be used by several people at the same time. We publish dozens of videos and audio on our website every day thanks to Yuzzit”.

According to Philippe Da Costa, Head of Social Media and Video at Europe 1, Yuzzit Pro is “a tool that allows us to be reactive in the distribution of information and statements from our guests. In Europe 1’s social media team, we use Yuzzit Pro to extract videos, subtitle them and post them directly on our social networks. The community managers use it every day. It saves a lot of time when it comes to highlighting on-air moments in formats that are adapted to different platforms.”

Europe 1 live on Twitter

A complete service to work on your videos before publishing them on your social networks

Beyond the podcast and video editing service, Yuzzit Pro offers you the possibility to rearrange them. You don’t know our video editing service yet ? It allows you, among other things, to crop your 16/9 formats, add your graphic design and subtitles.

Laurent Fabre, Strategic Accounts & Customer Success Manager at Yuzzit Pro, explains that “Europe 1 is one of our customers that uses the most features of our platform and challenges us to improve its experience and performance.

Europe 1 and Yuzzit Pro have also jointly developed the “quick publish” feature, which allows users to edit a live post and publish it on Twitter in record time. It also gives the possibility to halve the time needed to create subtitles on a video.

If you would like to know more about our tools and how we can help you, like Europe 1, to optimise your videos and podcasts before publishing them on your social networks, ask us for a free demo. Our team will be delighted to help you.

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Yuzzit Pro partner of Microsoft Startups

We are proud to tell you that Yuzzit Pro is a Microsoft Startups partner. Integrating this program dedicated to the development of startups will help us to set up an even more efficient service, and include functionalities allowing automatic video production.

About Microsoft Startups and Yuzzit Pro

This partnership between Yuzzit Pro and Microsoft Startups will help us reach new customers, with the help of a team of technical experts.

The best thing to do is to let the team speak about it:

Frédéric Bruel, CEO – YuzzitPro: “We are very pleased to integrate the Microsoft for Startups programme, which will enable us to accelerate one of our top priorities for 2021: automation. It is a huge privilege to be part of such an ecosystem, based on exchange and support, marketing, technical aspect and business”.

Christophe, CTO – YuzzitPro: “Access to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is a real asset for our project. Dedicated teams of technician experts and Microsoft tools are a precious help for our technical teams on a daily basis“.

Our goal: help you save time

The partnership we have created with Microsoft for Startups will enable us to offer you even more efficient services on various subjects related to automation.

We are going to push the automatic video production a little further into the console. Among the functionalities we plan to integrate, you will find:

  • automatic clipping that will help our sports partners thanks to Opta statistics,
  • automatic alerting which will enhance our media monitoring system,
  • the manual bookmark which will make derush process easier,
  • automatic cropping which will help to convert 16:9 videos into a format that is suitable for social networks.

This partnership should also help us improve our editing tool with the forthcoming arrival of our studio. But also our publishing tool

You want to know how Yuzzit Pro can help you in your daily life? Ask us for a demo.

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How to generate subtitles in SRT format?

Yuzzit Pro is the tool that helps you do tedious tasks in just a few clicks. We’ve already shown you how to cut, restream, subtitle your videos, even make a replay with a ZOOM live or a webinar. Today we will show you how to easily generate subtitles in SRT format. 

Why add subtitles to videos?

As you may have seen, there are many videos on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. This format is very popular because it allows Internet users to directly access the information they are looking for, without having to spend time reading an article. Moreover, a video is more fun than a text because the movements stimulate the brain, which helps better remember the information.

But did you know that the great majority of videos are watched without any sound? In fact, it is estimated that 85% of Facebook videos are watched in silent mode. This can be explained by the fact that a large number of videos are viewed in public places, on public transport, in waiting rooms, in the street, etc. In order not to disturb the people nearby, the sound is often turned off.

It is therefore essential to add subtitles to videos to increase their comprehension. Furthermore, it is also important to take into account people with impaired hearing, for whom subtitles are a very valuable help in understanding the video. 

Yuzzit Pro is THE solution for creating your subtitles in SRT format

But first of all, what does SRT stand for? It means SubRip Text and is the format for subtitles added to videos.

You now agree about the importance of subtitling videos in SRT format and you may be wondering how to do it? Subtitling is a tedious, time-consuming and complicated operation that requires you to master often complex software that can be daunting at first glance. In addition, you have to transcribe your entire text by hand, which compells you to add a lot more time to the process.

Don’t worry, it’s much simpler with our video editing solution on Yuzzit Pro. With this tool, it’s easy to automatically subtitle your videos with the “speech to text” option.

Once you’ve done this first step, all you have to do is add the subtitles to your video. And because good news always comes in pairs, you also have the option to change many parameters such as colour and font size, for example. When you are completely satisfied with the result, simply export your .srt file (or word file) and that’s it! 

If you would like a free demo to see how this tool can help you generate your subtitles in SRT format, please contact us.

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Gaming: Twitter, the unmissable platform for your livestream clips

Due to the health and lockdown situation in 2020, there has been an amazing boom as far as the world of video games is concerned. Indeed, as they were no longer able to go out with friends, many gaming fans have spent a lot of time playing their favourite video games. And they naturally wanted to virtually connect with other gamers on dedicated platforms or social networks, especially on Twitter, to broadcast clips of their livestreams.

Twitter : THE essential platform for gaming and for your livestream excerpts

With more than 2 billion tweets concerning gaming in 2020, Twitter has definitely become THE platform where you can exchange tips and tricks and discuss between video game enthusiasts. Streamers have perfectly understood this, as they are more and more to livestream clips from their gaming sessions.

Broadcast your best gaming videos on social networks  

As a streamer, you broadcast your video games live on social networks. If you are looking for an efficient and easy-to-use tool that helps you cut your livestreams in high definition and while you are playing, then look no further: Yuzzit Pro is the tool for you!

With Yuzzit Pro, broadcasting clips from your gaming livestreams on Twitter becomes child’s play.

Gaming: your livestream clips in a few seconds on Twitter

Take advantage of the various options to stand out from the crowd

Apart from easily liveclipping your livestreams in order to broadcast them on Twitter or on other platforms, Yuzzit Pro offers you a number of features that will help you stand out from the crowd and thus increase your notoriety, the number of your followers and interactions you can have with them. 

This allows you to fully customise your best gaming clipss, crop and resize them, and add subtitles. You can even add your team’s colours on the clips, all thanks to the editing tool. All these features will make you stand out from your competitors during your live sessions

As for the publishing feature, it allows you to publish your best gaming clips in livestream on social networks in the blink of an eye. This will save you a lot of time because you can publish on all your social networks at the same time. Whether it’s Twitter, Twitch, Youtube or Periscope… instant multi-publication is just a click away.

In addition, Yuzzit Pro allows you to restream your lives on many other platforms.

Would you like a free demo? Contact our team and we will be pleased to show you what we can do to help you stand out.

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Super Bowl LV: which strategy for your social networks?

If you are a lover of American football and Super Bowl LV, you will be thrilled, since the 55th edition will take place this Sunday, February 7th, in Tampa, Florida. Who will win the match between the Kansas Chiefs, holders of the title, and the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay? Don’t miss this match which promises to be colourful and which will be broadcast on many media. Have you thought about your strategy for covering this Super Bowl LV event on social networks?

As a broadcaster or right holder, you produce contents and broadcast them on your social networks? Yuzzit Pro is the tool you need to optimise, crop, edit and live-clip your content. Want to know how? 

Live clipping key moments of the match

You are comfortably sitting in front of the game and you thrill with all the fans. One of the players is about to score. To make sure you don’t miss anything of this moment, Yuzzit Pro gives you the opportunity to capture this key moment live. We had already shown how useful this feature is in our article on the Alpine World Ski Championships. To find out more, go to our section dedicated to live clipping.

The Super Bowl LV reflecting your image on social networks

Yuzzit Pro is also a publishing tool that allows you to quickly publish on social networks. What could be better than broadcasting your Super Bowl LV content on social networks in record time? Customize your contents quickly and easily before you publish them on your various platforms. We tell you more just below.

Edit your video in the most appropriate format

Thanks to the video editor, you have the possibility to transform the format of the content you will publish on your social networks. Thus a square format (1:1) can quickly be transformed into a horizontal (9/16) or vertical (16/9) format according to your needs, with a single click. Depending on the format you need, you’ll find this tool very useful for editing your Super Bowl LV videos before publishing them on your social networks.

Be more productive in the creation of your content and increase the number of your followers thanks to the features of the Yuzzit Pro tools. Ask us for a free demo.

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The best social network trends in 2021

We have recently given you some tips for your marketing strategy for the festive season. 2020 is now over, welcome now 2021 and its 365 days during which you will have plenty of time to delight your followers with your contents. New trends are taking shape for publishing on your social networks and we will reveal the ones we think will have the most impact.

A whole range of trends on social networks in 2021

With the help of Talkwalker, the famous monitoring and analysis tool, we are going to enlighten you on what will be successful.

Starting with remixing. What is it? It’s a way of recreating formats or models in order to communicate your own ideas. This art form has become very popular, thanks to the rise of applications such as TikTok or Reels Instagram.

Talkwalker tells us that the content related to Covid-19 will have to refer to 4 key principles: community, contactless, cleanliness and compassion.

Nostalgia marketing will also be highly appreciated as it allows consumers to return to happier times. Publish contents that associate your brand with strong positive emotions and Bob’s your uncle!

The social network trend in 2021 also sees a leap forward in the use of memes, particularly among the 15/35 year old generation.

Conversational marketing will also have its place in 2021. This involves brands to interact with their consumers or followers via social networks and chatbots. In order to get all the chances on your side, forget the overly commercial speech and engage the conversation in a more human and authentic tone. That’s the best way to gain the trust of your followers.

The same goes for social gaming. Indeed, during the lockdown period, video game enthusiasts had a great time. Numerous forums have been created, allowing gamers to exchange on gaming techniques, on tips and tricks. The fact that they can no longer have physical contact with the outside world has enabled gamers to develop virtual relationships. It is expected that these gaming communities will develop more and more in 2021.

To conclude this collection of trends on social networks in 2021, Talkwalker ranked as number one the impact of socially responsible audiences. In order to stay in the game, companies will be interested in tackling topics dealing with mental health, social justice and inclusiveness. If not, they run the risk of becoming obsolete and forgotten.

Edit your videos very easily and switch from horizontal to vertical and square format in just 1 click.

Customise, edit and publish your content with YuzzitPro

After reading the top trends on social networks in 2021, you probably want to create even more content for your followers.

In order to stand out on social networks, it is important to customise your content so that it reflects your image and graphic charter. Do you need to resize your content to 9/16 format or add subtitles in just a few clicks? Our YuzzitPro editing tool is there to make it easy for you.

Your contents are now customised, and all you have to do is publish them on all your social networks and schedule their broadcast. Need a little help? Thanks to our publishing tool, it becomes child’s play.

We hope that these trends on social networks will have helped you to establish your strategy for 2021.

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Which strategy should you adopt for the broadcasting of the 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship on your social networks?

All handball lovers are eagerly awaiting the unmissable event of the world men’s handball championship which will take place from 13 to 31 January 2021 in Egypt. 32 teams are represented. Who will succeed Denmark, winner of the previous edition? The matches will be live on TV or, of course, on social networks. Have you already planned your strategy to cover this event? 

Yuzzit Pro helps broadcasters and rights holders to produce a content and broadcast their major events on social networks. January 2021 will be rich in competition and you can already read our article about the Dakar rally and the 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships. Now, let’s talk about handball that will be in the spotlight for a few weeks with the 2021 world men’s handball championship.

Short or long formats, everything is possible

Depending on your needs and the platforms on which you broadcast your content, you can choose between short and long formats. Whether you want to broadcast an entire match of the 2021 World Handball Championship on your social networks or just the key moments, the Yuzzit Pro tool is your best ally. Would you like to make a montage with the most beautiful goals of this major event and broadcast it on your social networks? The tool will allow you to easily create a mash-up.

World Handball Championship 2021: the matches

Handball at your image on your social networks

To make sure that your content is adapted to your graphic charter, use the video editor which allows you to add colour to a banner. You can also insert a caption or subtitles. In short, you have the possibility to fully customise the video you are going to publish on your social networks.

Edit your videos very easily and switch from horizontal to vertical and square format in just 1 click.

Lives from Facebook, Youtube or Twitter

Just imagine… one of your journalists is on spot to live the World Handball Championship competition and interviews a sportsman. He broadcasts this content on Twitter or Facebook. You can restream the live broadcast on your social networks or download the entire content in Yuzzit Pro and immediately clip it onto your different broadcast channels.

Capture key moments immediately

Like all finals of major sporting events, the 2021 World Handball Championship will be exciting. Get ready to make these moments come alive by clipping a stunning goal or a decisive pass. Then publish your content at lightning speed using our publishing tool.

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to be more productive in the creation of your content or to gain followers thanks to the unique customisation you can bring to your videos, then Yuzzit Pro is just what you need.

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2021 Alpine World Ski Championships: which strategy for your social networks?

The next Alpine World Ski Championships will be held from 8 to 21 February 2021 in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. One year away from the Beijing Olympic Games, this major event is a dress rehearsal. Between the downhill, combined, super G and giant slalom events, the competition promises to be a real treat for snow and slide enthusiasts. France will be well represented and the chances of winning medals do exist. Let’s hope to hear the Marseillaise on several occasions.

If you are broadcasters or rights holders, in order to share the best moments of this major competition, the Yuzzit Pro tool allows you to control your video streams and broadcast these 2021 Alpine skiing events on social networks. Discover the power of the tool and everything it can bring you.

Catch the key moments live

In our article on the Dakar rally, we showed you how you can take advantage of the Yuzzit Pro tool to transform, enhance and broadcast your videos on your social media platforms.

It’s now the turn of the 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships to be widely broadcast on social networks. You want to share the image of the skier crossing the finishing line? It’s very simple, the Yuzzit Pro tool allows you to live clip the image at the right moment. Once you’ve caught the image, publish it immediately on your social networks thanks to the quick publishing tool.

Alpine World Ski Championships from 8 to 21 February 2021 in Cortina

Discover the content editing function

Social networks may require different formats. If you don’t want to publish your content right away and want to work on it, especially to crop it, the content editor will make your life easier. For example, you can turn it into a square (1:1), vertical (16:9) or horizontal (9:16) format in record time.

Customise your videos and transfer them to your platforms

Yuzzit Pro has a publishing function that helps you make your snapshots and videos more attractive. Thanks to it, you can add a banner at the bottom of your content. Want to add the colours of your graphic charter? It’s very easy! Want to insert a caption, a comment or the name of the sportsman? With this tool, it’s child’s play.

Create buzz on your social networks

A good way to create buzz on your platforms and make your content viral is to offer content that plays on your subscribers’ emotions and publish it at the right time. Give them an impactful video they will want to share. And why not collect the best moments of the 2021 Alpine ski competition that you will gather in our mash-up tool?

Turn sound into video

With the power of the Yuzzit Pro tool, you can do everything… or almost everything. One of the things our users really appreciate is the ability to extract a sound that you can immediately transform into a video. You think it’s magic? No, it’s Yuzzit Pro!

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