SnappyTV & LiveCut alternative: comparison with YuzzitPro 

If you are an ardent user of Twitter to publish your content, you probably know that SnappyTV, which provided media publishing support, has definitely ceased to exist on December 31, 2019. In order not to leave its users empty-handed, Twitter has migrated some features into an alternative: LiveCut, the live editing tool included in Twitter […]

How does Europe 1 use Yuzzit Pro to feed its social networks and website with videos and podcasts?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know the tools offered by Yuzzit Pro and how they can help you improve the visibility of your contents. So, how does Europe 1, major radio broadcaster in France, produce videos and podcasts to feed its website or social networks? This week, we wanted to […]

Which strategy should you adopt for the broadcasting of the 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship on your social networks?

All handball lovers are eagerly awaiting the unmissable event of the world men’s handball championship which will take place from 13 to 31 January 2021 in Egypt. 32 teams are represented. Who will succeed Denmark, winner of the previous edition? The matches will be live on TV or, of course, on social networks. Have you […]

Dakar Rally: a real-time follow-up of the race on social networks thanks to Yuzzit Pro

The unmissable sporting event at the beginning of each year is the Dakar Rally. Despite the health crisis we are all going through at the moment, the world’s biggest rally-raid is still going on, in compliance with safety regulations, of course. This year, the Dakar rally takes place mainly in Saudi Arabia. Big thrills and […]

Get ready for the year-end celebrations on your social networks

The year-end celebrations have never been so close. The year that is coming to an end has been a tough one for most of you. So, in order to bring a bit of sunshine into the hearts of your readers and subscribers, think about showing a special Christmas spirit in your publications and videos. If […]

Instagram slideshow: Making snapshots from a live show with YuzzitPro

The day after President Macron’s interview on French TV channels, we observed a large number of contents posted on social media networks. For some of them, we thought they were missing a tool like ours to help them make a quality instagram slideshow from snapshots taken from a live TV show. Snapshot from live YuzzitPro […]

Live clipping pioneer SnappyTV to shut down in less than 4 months, what alternative ?

Snappy TV will permanently end all activities on December 31st, 2019. For almost a decade, SnappyTV has been a good tool for publishing video on socials for free.  So now, which SnappyTv live clipping alternative to choose? Bound to evolve in Twitter new approach of video broadcasting, the platform will be included in their Media […]