Bringing broadcast high quality to digital devices

When Emmanuel Macron, an independent centrist, debated with Marine Le Pen, of the far-right Front National, in a crucial debate before the second round of the French presidential election, there was no room for the slightest glitch, as 16.5 million French watched on TV.

For AMP Visual TV, the company behind the cameras, filming and broadcasting the debate was almost business as usual. Founded in 1986 in a small town on the Atlantic Ocean, AMP Visual TV is now a European leader for TV coverage. It has always strived on quality and reliability to meet the expectations of its constantly expanding customer base.

A very simple editing

When it came to working with YuzzitPro, quality was a key requirement. “We have very high expectations of our partners”, says Guillaume Allais, head of digital sales at AMP Visual TV.

“Our aim is to keep TV quality and adapt it for digital devices. We think YuzzitPro perfectly fits into this strategy”.

“YuzzitPro is on a par with our work flow, which is built on high technology, quality and secure transmission”, Allais adds. “What I like with YuzzitPro, is how easy it is to feed the software. It is similar to a YouTube channel. Editing clips is very simple, very quick and reliable. The tool is very efficient in 720p and also in FullHD.”

Moreover, you do not need to be a professional editor to use it. “It is very effective for community manager who do not have advanced knowledge of cutting softwares”, he says.

Beating the smartphone competition

Before working with YuzzitPro, AMP Visual TV cut its video clips with high-end software such as Avid. When filming an event, editors had to encode the live feed on their computers, edit it and share the clips on social platforms. And it took up to 45 minutes. And with smartphones everywhere, organisers were at a disadvantage. Since it started working with YuzzitPro in 2016, AMP Visual TV has been able to deliver video clips in less than 3 minutes, and in much better quality than video captures from phones.

Speed is an important factor since the first images published on Facebook or Twitter are likely to be the most shared. And nowadays, measuring the success of an event often relies on the number of views on social networks.

On the live streaming market for digital devices, AMP Visual TV has quite a lot of competitors. But with its vast 30-year experience, the company wants to position itself on the upper end of the market, bringing broadcast professional standards to live streaming.

Offering highlights

Looking ahead, Guillaume Allais thinks live streaming will be more and more coupled with short video clips. “When showing a live event, there are uneventful moments, or not so interesting ones. Video clipping is a solution to offer highlights on social networks”, he says.

“We could imagine having a camera directly linked to a YuzzitPro server to show the best parts, the funny or awkward situations, the most extraordinary moments since this is what the social networks want”.