YuzzitPro was born in 2015 when its founder, Frédéric Bruel, designed a SaaS solution for cutting video clips from live streams.


The software is quickly adopted by major French and foreign television channels, but also seduces organizers of live sports events, ministries and political parties.


In 2018, YuzzitPro joins the French television channel TF1 acceleration program and settles down at Station F, the largest startup campus in the world created by Xavier Niel.


The rise of the video format on the Internet has led YuzzitPro to expand its features by integrating more editing and publishing solutions.


In short, YuzzitPro is an innovative software that listens to its market and users. Its mission is to simplify the life of journalists, community managers and many others by offering them an easy-to-use tool to produce, customize and share their content.