The next Alpine World Ski Championships will be held from 8 to 21 February 2021 in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. One year away from the Beijing Olympic Games, this major event is a dress rehearsal. Between the downhill, combined, super G and giant slalom events, the competition promises to be a real treat for snow and slide enthusiasts. France will be well represented and the chances of winning medals do exist. Let’s hope to hear the Marseillaise on several occasions.

If you are broadcasters or rights holders, in order to share the best moments of this major competition, the Yuzzit Pro tool allows you to control your video streams and broadcast these 2021 Alpine skiing events on social networks. Discover the power of the tool and everything it can bring you.

Catch the key moments live

In our article on the Dakar rally, we showed you how you can take advantage of the Yuzzit Pro tool to transform, enhance and broadcast your videos on your social media platforms.

It’s now the turn of the 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships to be widely broadcast on social networks. You want to share the image of the skier crossing the finishing line? It’s very simple, the Yuzzit Pro tool allows you to live clip the image at the right moment. Once you’ve caught the image, publish it immediately on your social networks thanks to the quick publishing tool.

Alpine World Ski Championships from 8 to 21 February 2021 in Cortina

Discover the content editing function

Social networks may require different formats. If you don’t want to publish your content right away and want to work on it, especially to crop it, the content editor will make your life easier. For example, you can turn it into a square (1:1), vertical (16:9) or horizontal (9:16) format in record time.

Customise your videos and transfer them to your platforms

Yuzzit Pro has a publishing function that helps you make your snapshots and videos more attractive. Thanks to it, you can add a banner at the bottom of your content. Want to add the colours of your graphic charter? It’s very easy! Want to insert a caption, a comment or the name of the sportsman? With this tool, it’s child’s play.

Create buzz on your social networks

A good way to create buzz on your platforms and make your content viral is to offer content that plays on your subscribers’ emotions and publish it at the right time. Give them an impactful video they will want to share. And why not collect the best moments of the 2021 Alpine ski competition that you will gather in our mash-up tool?

Turn sound into video

With the power of the Yuzzit Pro tool, you can do everything… or almost everything. One of the things our users really appreciate is the ability to extract a sound that you can immediately transform into a video. You think it’s magic? No, it’s Yuzzit Pro!

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